Killer Dolls

Movies featuring creepy, deadly members of the Uncanny Valley.

Killer Dolls: Child’s Play (1988)

Our final entry in the Killer Dolls series: the original Child’s Play from 1988! Brad Dourif plays a serial killer / dark sorcerer trapped in an ugly doll. In his campaign of blood and evil, he preys on a very dumb little kid and battles two very gullible adults.

Killer Dolls: Annabelle (2014)

Our Killer Dolls series continues with a chapter from The Conjuring-verse! A yuppy couple (who should really break up) keep an obviously haunted doll around for no reason. Padded plot, overdone jumpscares, and Rosemary’s Baby references abound!

Killer Dolls: Magic (1978)

A new short series: Killer Dolls! Before Annabelle… Before Chucky… There was: Fats the Dummy! Anthony Hopkins stars as a magician who battles the evil will of Fats, along with his own cringe-worthy struggles with love.

Why History is Horrifying

Check out our entries in a series dedicated to true and horrific tales throughout history!

‘Monster of the Week’-Week with The X-Files

7 posts, 7 days, 7 episodes of The X-Files!

90s Teen Slashers

A cloaked killer. Dark secrets. Pretty white teens dropping like flies. Check out 4 classic 90s slashers!

90s Teen Slashers: ‘Final Destination’

A great movie to emphasize ‘fuck death!’ Originally a draft X-Files script, Final Destination was supposed to be an ‘anti-slasher’ movie. It’s an anti-something, all right. It gets crazy, it gets dumb. Let’s die-ve into Death’s Die-sign!

12 Crimes of Christmas

Three part series dedicated to 12 festive crimes, some mere folly and some far more fatal!

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